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Jan 8, 2014

EuroConnect Has Officially Launched!

Dear Distributor,

The expansion of MonaVie Europe is astounding as 15 new countries have been welcomed into the MonaVie family with the official launch of the MonaVie EuroConnect Program! Now, you are able to establish business in the following markets:

Bulgaria Estonia Malta
Croatia Finland Romania
Cyprus Ireland Slovakia
Czech Latvia Slovenia
Denmark Lithuania Spain

With our current 9 European markets and the upcoming launch of Italy, adding another 15 EuroConnect countries means a total of 25 countries available for you to grow your business.  This is an unparalleled time in both MonaVie and the direct selling industry! Here’s some information to get you started:
EuroConnect Migration

  • New Enrolments
    Distributors and consumers new to the EuroConnect program can enrol by going, selecting EuroConnect, finding their country and following the enrolment process.
  • Currently Enrolled in EuroConnect Shipping Program
    If you were already enrolled in the EuroConnect shipping program, with the launch of the full program, your distributorship will automatically be migrated to the EU country in which you reside.  With your first login to the new EuroConnect, simply accept the Terms and Conditions, setup your account with the proper address information, and update your AutoShip profile.
  • Currently Enrolled in a Market outside of the EuroConnect Shipping Program
    If you are registered in a country outside of EuroConnect and want to change your distributorship to a EuroConnect market, please send an email with your ID number, first and last name to:  Once the transfer is processed within 3-4 business days simply login to the new EuroConnect Virtual office , setup your account with the proper address information, and update your AutoShip profile.

EuroConnect Enrolment & Order Contact Information
For everything related to Enrolment and Ordering you may call +800 3876 2666 or email . Presently, services are available in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian only.

EuroConnect Shipping Contact Information
For all shipping related questions please call +31 (0)50 210 30 13 or email or Presently, shipping support is provided in English support only.

Attend an Upcoming EuroConnect Event
We are busy out spreading the news about this dynamic opportunity to expand your European business and we want to see you at an event! Click here for more information.

Now is the time to embrace a future of economic empowerment. Make 2014 your year by getting connected with EuroConnect!


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